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Step and Repeat

Duplicating items given the horizontal and vertical values. Relative Position is useful for adding gaps in between items.

Reordering and Resizing Artboards

Common artboard operations.

Relinking Files

Linking large number of files has always been a pain in the ass since Illustrator only lets you do it one-by-one. All the scripts in Links sub-directory provide solution to...

Imposing Layout

Imposition is one of the most complex yet repetitive task there is in digital prepression. Due to its complexity, such feature usually requires a proprietary software or plugin.

Copy to Artboards

Duplicate items in active artboard to other artboards within range.

Resizing Images and Canvases

Common images operation. Resize Images Works exactly like Menubar > Images > Resize Image but targets all documents. Resize Canvases Works exactly like Menubar > Images > Resize Canvas but...